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In 2002 the Bayou State Squirrel Dog Association (BSSDA) was founded. There were 14 original members that came together with a common goal in mind. The premise was that a club was needed, where owners could showcase their dogs thru a competition based format, in the state of Louisiana. In turn they hoped that more people would become interested in the sport and it could become an event for the whole family.

The club has succeeded in bringing new people to the sport and getting our youth involved. We welcome any new members and look forward to your participation in our events.

Our events typically range from fall to spring. Consisting of coon hunts, squirrel hunts, bench shows, and treeing contests. Feel free to visit our upcoming events page where you can see the dates of our future events.

If you have any questions, or if you want to talk hunting, donít hesitate to give one of us a call.

*** Remember to bring a youth out hunting ***

Ė If we donít have our future generation we stand to lose our great sport Ė



Club Officers

President - Vice President - Rick Guillot
Treasurer - Tommy Melder Secretary - Rory Pollock
Board Members
Chairman - Landry Ducote


D.P. Ward
Clif Owen
Clayton McWhirter
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